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Beer List

Do we have great beer? YES!  Our list includes fantastic local beers from Connecticut and 5 taps of Belgian beers.


All of our beers are listed below. Click/tap on a specific list (Featured, Belgian, etc.) to view our 29 taps and 25+ bottle cans.

We have 5 taps dedicated to Belgian beer:

- Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge
- Chimay Premiere Red
- Tripel Karmeliet
- Hoegaarden
- Stella

From time-to-time we feature cask-conditioned ales, which are the freshest beers you could ever drink!

We love craft beer and especially, Connecticut breweries. We have dedicated tap lines for Beer'd BrewingRelic Brewing (located just 2 miles from us in Plainville), Firefly Hollow, Lasting Brass, Fox Farm BrewingBack East Brewing, Two Roads Brewing, and New England Brewing (2 lines). We also regularly feature beers from the following CT breweries:

Black Hog Brewing – Oxford
Kent Falls Brewing - Kent
Olde Burnside – East Hartford
Stony Creek Brewery - Branford
Stubborn Beauty – Middletown
Thomas Hooker – Bloomfield

We love local, Connecticut beer so much we even have a t-shirt! It's available at the restaurant. #CTBeer #drinklocal

CT Beer

CTBeer 2

In addition to the dedicated tap lines two of our other 29 tap lines also rotate, featuring both local and national craft beer. These tend to go quickly as they are much in demand. Whether you like the very popular IPAs or rich stouts, we will have something you’ll love!

Our beers are served in 19oz dimpled mugs (except some of the more uncommon beers and those with higher ABV. They may come in their own special glass). Most restaurants/bars serve a standard pour of 16oz, in pint glasses. Please note that when comparing pricing.

How about a beer blend? These are a stout blended with…well, almost any other beer. Everyone’s heard of a Black & Tan, but we take it to the next level with several delicious combinations. The most popular is the Dirty Penny: Guinness with Olde Burnside’s Ten Penny. Like something a bit sweeter? How about a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout with Sam Adams’ Cherry Wheat? Beer blends are a tasty alternative when you want to try something different.

We are very proud that we have 21 staff members who are Certified Beer Servers via the Cicerone program. To become certified they had to go through extensive training – covering the history of beer as well as ingredients, the brewing process, flavor profiles, and more – and then pass a rigorous test. All of our servers and bartenders receive special beer training so we can make recommendations or answer your questions.

Craft Beers CT