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We have 5 flavors and 4 sizes. Choose a flavor and a size. But, each flavor can also be ordered “dirt style” (except Dry Rub, see below), which was created at the tavern in the early ’90s. So, when you want to order wings we will ask you: 1) What flavor? 2) What size? 3) Dirt style?

For information on take-out, please click/tap here.

Here are the options and how to order:

Choose a size:

  • Mini – 6 wings, 11.50
  • Single – 10 wings, 17.45
  • Double – 20 wings, 32.75
  • Bucket – about 35-40 wings, give or take, 6.5 pounds before cooking, 57.85

Each order includes bleu cheese, celery and carrots.

Choose a flavor:

Original Buffalo – Our Buffalo wings are considered “medium” spicy. Not too hot. We are about the flavor, not necessarily heat. Can we make them hotter? Slightly hotter, yes. But if you are expecting HEAT HEAT HEAT OMG these are so fire…nope. Can we make them more mild? Slightly milder, yes. But when you order straight-up Buffalo, they are medium spicy. Our Original Buffalo Wings have won numerous awards year after year. The Food Network called our buffalo sauce “the best wing sauce in the nation!”. Watch the video here.

Honey Gold BBQ – a delicious mix of honey and golden BBQ sauce, not at all spicy. Not too sweet.

Teriyaki – Asian-flavored with a very slight kick.

Sweet Red Chili – a delectable combination of sweet and spice with a kick of heat at the end. We tested about 15 new flavors for about 8 months in 2014 asking our guests for feedback. This was the overwhelming favorite.

Buffalo Chipotle Dry Rub – A bit spicy, a bit smokey. Our first dry rub wings! These cannot be done dirt style.

If you’re not going to be eating or serving your wings right away, our Cold Wing Pack is the perfect solution! Click/tap here to learn about the Cold Wing Pack.

Choose Dirt Wings or no:

The “dirt” wing was invented at J. Timothy’s Taverne. Even though other places do call their wings “dirty-style” please do not accept substitutes. Our Dirt Wings are fried and sauced, then fried again and sauced again. We don’t charge extra for this! Some people call this double-sauced, double- fried. We just call ‘em dirt! It results in a wing that is caramelized and a bit crispier. There will be charred bits and they are delicious. They are not burnt! That is the sauce caramelized on the wing.

Dirt wings were created by one of our guests, Barry, who was on our softball team. After the games he would come in with the rest of the team and order wings. He was nicknamed “Dirt” because he was the oldest one on the team, i.e. “old as dirt”. Ha. Barry was very sociable; he would talk and talk and tell great stories. His wings would sit while he finished his stories. By the time he was done socializing his wings would be cold. He said to our Chef, “Just add some more sauce and re-fry them.” What? Well we tried it, for Barry, and everyone realized they tasted really, really good when fried and sauced again. Voila! The “Dirt” Wing was born. Thanks Barry!

We apologize in advance for NOT being able to split flavors on orders of wings. And all orders will come with a mix of drumsticks and flats. Sorry, no exceptions.

Chicken Tenders

We also serve chicken tenders. They are breaded, boneless chicken. These are not small, boneless chicken nuggets or poppers; they are tenderloins. Our chicken tenders can be served plain or covered in any of our 4 sauces. Chicken tenders cannot be served dirt style.

Sizes and prices for chicken tenders are below, with or without sauce. Each order is served with bleu cheese, celery & carrots.

6 tenders – 13.50

12 tenders – 24.75

20 tenders – 41.25

J. Tim's Happenings

Father’s Day Specials 2024

Celebrate Dad with great specials from Chef Erik – we have something for everyone! Our full menu is also available. We’re open our regular hours on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16th, from 11:30am-9pm. We take reservations for parties of 6 or more; all other seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call us soon … Continued

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