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Our full menu is available for take-out, though at certain times we may limit take-out to chicken wings only. Generally, take-out will be limited to chicken wings during extremely high volume periods. We sometimes know in advance that take-out will be chicken wings only, such as New Year's Eve day and night and Super Bowl weekend (see below). There may also be other days/times we need to limit take-out on an impromptu basis to insure guest satisfaction; as an example some Saturday evenings between 4:00pm and 8:30pm take-out may be chicken wings only.

Generally, we don’t need much notice for a take-out order (30 minutes, but more often than not, 20 minutes) unless it’s unusually large or it's a high volume period. If you do have a very large take-out order, e.g., a department lunch or a big party order of wings (more than 5 buckets of wings), please call us in advance (860-747-6813) and speak to a Manager. There are times when take-out may take longer than 30 minutes, but this is rare and usually involves a popular sporting event (see below). On Friday and Saturday nights between 4:00pm and 8:30pm the wait for take-out might be longer than 30 minutes so if you’re in a time crunch, you may want to give it some extra time.

For reference, here are a few examples from the past year when our take-out order time was longer than 30 minutes:

    • Super Bowl (please see below, we have a special ordering process for Super Bowl)
    • The Patriots in the playoffs
    • The Red Sox in the playoffs and World Series
    • UConn Men and Women’s basketball teams doing really well in March Madness (Dual Championships, yes! #BleedBlue)
    • New Year’s Eve
    • Sunday nights before a Monday holiday (Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day)
    • Father’s Day
J. Timothy's Checkout


Take Out

Super Bowl

In 2015 we served almost 9 tons of chicken wings via take-out during Super Bowl weekend. That’s almost 18,000 pounds. In one weekend. That’s a lot of wings. We’ve been doing this for a long time so we have the process down to a science. Awesome! In order to accommodate that huge quantity and ensure the best experience for our guests, we have a special system set-up. We will post the process well in advance, but here’s some information:

    • All chicken wing orders for Super Bowl weekend must be placed in advance. We start taking pre-orders about a week prior.
    • We recommend picking up wings on Friday or Saturday and then re-heating at home. This is called our Cold Wing Pack. The wings are cooked and chilled, with the sauce on the side. Very easy to re-heat at home and delicious!
    • Picking up wings for the Super Bowl on Sunday after 3:00pm may result in a bit of a wait. Your wings will be ready, but as the game time approaches (usually 6:30pm), more people will be arriving to pick-up wings. Please leave yourself time for pick-up and return home in time for the game.

Catering and Delivery

We do not deliver, sorry. For large off-site groups we may be able to offer special orders and sizes (for pickup only) This is dependent on the type of group, the food desired and the day/time of the week. Please call us (860-747-6813) and speak to a Manager if you would like a very large order for an off-site event.