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  • New Hours : Monday closed. Tuesday & Wednesday: 4-9, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11:30-9, Sunday: 11:30-8. We are available by phone 2 hours prior to posted opening time. Inside Dining and takeout available.
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NOTE: On Sunday, September 12th, we will have limited takeout available. Chicken wings are the only item available to-go on that date. No other items from our menu will be available.


Draft Beer to-go! Take home 32 oz of fresh local, regional, and Belgian beers. Check out our draft beer list here. All alcohol to-go must be accompanied by a food order, per state regulations.

Save Yourself A Trip!

Beer in cans to-go! Individual cans from great local breweries, plus 4, 6, 12, and 18 packs all available to take home.

Individual & 4 Pack Cans to-go: Click here to see what's available

6, 12, and 18 packs to-go: Click here to see what's available

Nacho Kit to take home! Our traditional Nachos, with all the fixin's, that you can assemble & heat up at home for hot, delicious Nachos right out of the oven. Comes with chips, our house-made salsa, shredded cheeses, sour cream, and jalapeños. Just needs 5-7 minutes in the oven, includes heating instructions. $15.95

Sangria to-go! Take home refreshing and fruity drinks. Available in 32oz quart containers with about 4-5 glasses of Sangria in each. Fruit on the side. Only $23.00

Our house red sangria with Beringer cabernet sauvignon, blackberry liqueur, orange and pineapple juice, seltzer; mixed fruit. 

A harmonious combination with Pinot Grigio, Old Forester Bourbon, Peachtree, peach nectar and white cranberry juice; mixed fruit.

A Summery sangria made with Rosé wine, Watermelon Pucker, pineapple juice and white cranberry juice; mixed fruit. 

Visit the islands and sip on this sangria with Chardonnay, Captain Morgan, passionfruit and white cranberry juice; mixed fruit.

Pre-order take-out! Yes, we accept pre-orders for take-out and we strongly recommend you place a pre-order (call us) during on weekend nights, holiday periods or notable sporting events. We do become fully booked in advance during these times.

However, at certain times we may limit take-out to chicken wings only and on certain days, buckets of chicken wings only. Generally, take-out will be limited to chicken wings during extremely high volume periods. We sometimes know in advance that take-out will be chicken wings only and/or buckets only, such as New Year's Eve day and night, NFL Championship Sunday (especially if the Patriots are playing!), and Super Bowl weekend (see below). There may also be other days/times we need to limit take-out on an impromptu basis to insure guest satisfaction; as an example some Saturday evenings between 4:00pm and 8:30pm take-out may be chicken wings only. This is rare but it may occur.

Generally, we don’t need much notice for a take-out order (30 minutes, but more often than not, 20 minutes) unless it’s unusually large or it's a high volume period. If you do have a very large take-out order, e.g., a department lunch or a big party order of wings (more than 5 buckets of wings), take a look at our new Catering menu, click here.  There are times when take-out may take longer than 30 minutes, but this is rare and usually involves a popular sporting event (see below). On Friday and Saturday nights between 4:00pm and 8:30pm the wait for take-out might be longer than 30 minutes so if you’re in a time crunch, you may want to give it some extra time.

For reference, here are a few examples from the past year when our take-out order time was longer than 30 minutes:

    • Super Bowl weekend, buckets of wings only
    • The Patriots in the playoffs/Championship Sunday
    • The Red Sox in the playoffs and World Series
    • New Year’s Eve
    • Sunday nights before a Monday holiday (Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day)
    • Father’s Day

For Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve day/night, Super Bowl weekend, and NFL Championship Sunday, we are typically fully booked in advance. We strongly encourage you to pre-order wings for those days. Call us at 860-747-6813.


Super Bowl

In 2020 we served about 12.5 tons of chicken wings via take-out during Super Bowl weekend. That’s almost 25,000 pounds. In one weekend. That’s a lot of wings! We’ve been doing this for a long time so we have the process down to a science. Awesome! In order to accommodate that huge quantity and ensure the best experience for our guests, we have a special system set-up. We will post the process well in advance, but here’s some information:

    • All chicken wing orders for Super Bowl weekend must be placed in advance. We start taking pre-orders the Monday after Championship Sunday.
    • We recommend picking up wings on Friday or Saturday and then re-heating at home. This is called our Cold Wing Pack, which you can learn more about here. The wings are cooked and chilled, with the sauce on the side. Very easy to re-heat at home and delicious!
    • Picking up wings for the Super Bowl on Sunday after 3:00pm may result in a bit of a wait. Your wings will be ready, but as the game time approaches (usually 6:30pm), more people will be arriving to pick-up wings. Please leave yourself time for pick-up and return home in time for the game.

Catering and Delivery

We do not deliver, sorry. We have a new Catering menu with lots of different trays and platters; family dinners, special occasions, business luncheons; something for every occasion! The Catering Menu is pick-up only.  Click here to see our Catering menu.