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We do not charge room rental fees. For each private room we do have a minimum food expenditure requirement (except for the Green Room). Please call us for that information.

All prices shown on the menus below include tax and service.

For most private parties, there are three (3) different menus to choose from:

Dinner Buffet: a buffet dinner; two options and prices. Includes cheese & cracker display and fresh vegetables with dip upon arrival, a served house salad, warm rolls and honey butter, 2 or 3 buffet entrees, potatoes or rice, Chef's vegetable, dessert, coffee/tea, soda. It does not include alcohol.

Served, Plated Dinner: You select 3 entrees for your guests to choose from in advance. These must be pre-selected by your guests with a count of each entree provided to us in advance.  Includes a served house salad, warm rolls and honey butter, entree, potatoes or rice, Chef's vegetable, dessert, coffee/tea, soda. It does not include alcohol.

Hors d'oeuvres/Reception/Party: Make as many or as few selections as you like (as long as you meet the minimum food expenditure for the specific room). This menu is available a la carte with a combination of passed hors d'oeuvres and stationary food.  It can be a full dinner or lighter fare, depending on what items and how many you select. It does not include alcohol.

We also have special menus available for Luncheons, Wedding/Baby Showers, or a Funeral Gathering, see below.

For alcohol, we charge based on consumption. You have several options for drinks:

1. The drinks tab is paid by the host. If you would like to limit the bar choices we can do that too, e.g. wine and beer only.
2. The drinks are paid for by the attendees/guests.
3. Or a combination of the above: drinks paid by the host for a certain amount of time (or up to a certain budget) and then a cash bar paid by the attendees.

Please review the menus and then call us at 860-747-6813 to discuss the specifics for your party. Please do not email us; we are unable to book private parties via email. Thank you!

Lunch Buffet Menu

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Hors d' oeuvres Party Menu


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Served (plated) Dinner Menu


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Funeral Gathering Menu


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