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Enjoy creative cocktails with your lunch or dinner! Plus, we have quarts (4-5 glasses) of fresh Sangria for only $20 to take home.  Scroll down for details.

Specialty Cocktails

JTim’s Hard Lemonade: A favorite cocktail of Absolut Citron, Smirnoff Strawberry, lemonade and strawberry puree blended to perfection. Served in a mason jar. 10.00

Never Ending Summer: Sunshine in a glass! Delicious mix of Stoli Razberi, house made hibiscus simple syrup, Fruitful Dragon fruit liqueur, lime juice, triple sec, and guava puree. 10.00

Blueberry Mojito**: A beautiful cocktail featuring Smirnoff Blueberry, muddled mint, lime wedges, blueberries, simple syrup, and lime juice topped with seltzer. 10.00

Bourbon Sweet Tea: This charmer joins our JT Woodford Double Oaked bourbon, Fruitful Rhubarb liqueur, lemon juice, house made honey simple syrup, and raspberry iced tea. 15.50

Dragonfruit Margarita: A delicious blend of Herradura Blanco tequila and Fruitful Dragonfruit liqueur with fresh lime juice, and triple sec. 10.50

Fiery Mango: This tantalizing combination of Bacardi Mango Chile, lime juice, and mango puree will ignite your tastebuds! 10.00

Hawaiian Gold Fashioned: A playful mix of our JT Woodford Double Oaked bourbon, pineapple juice, splash of house made honey syrup, and lemon zest infused ice cube. 15.50

Watermelon Sugar**: Refreshing & delightful! Tito’s vodka, Fruitful watermelon liqueur, watermelon puree, muddled cucumbers, splashes of simple syrup, grenadine, and Sierra Mist. 10.50

Caribbean Mule**: Sip on this mule with Bacardi Tropical & Pineapple rum, pineapple juice, splash of lime juice, and mango puree topped with Fever Tree ginger beer. 10.00

Coconut Crusher: Put the lime in the coconut and shake ‘em both up!A  fantastical fusion of Rumchata, Bacardi Coconut Rum, Bacardi Tropical Rum, lime juice, coco cream and pineapple juice. 11.00

Jungle Bird Margarita: This chipotle salted rimmed margarita uses Casamigos Tequila, house made jalapeno infused Aperol, lime juice, guava puree, pineapple juice, and triple sec. 11.00

Emerald Garden: An enchanting combination of Absolut Citron, house made honey simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, muddled cucumbers and basil, making a light and herbaceous sipping cocktail. 10.00

NEW: Those drinks marked above with double asterisks (**) can be made as “mocktails” (no alcohol) upon request.

Our bartenders are very creative! If you don’t see something you’d like, please ask and we’ll make it for you if we have the ingredients. We also have a large list of liquor and spirits including rare Bourbon, Whiskey, and Tequila. Click here for that list.

Sangrias By The Glass

Scarlet Summer: Our house blend of merlot and cabernet, Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, blackberry liqueur, orange juice, seltzer, and pineapple juice with mixed fruit. 10.00

Tropical Paradise: A summery sangria featuring chardonnay, Bacardi Tropical Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, white cranberry, seltzer, mixed fruit. 10.00

Rose All Day: A refreshing blend of rosé, Fruitful Watermelon liqueur, guava, lime juice, watermelon puree, white cranberry juice, seltzer, mixed fruit. 10.00

Sangrias To-Go!

Enjoy our fresh Sangrias at home with your takeout order! The above Sangrias (not the ones pictured below) are available to-go in 32oz quart containers, with fruit on the side. About 4-5 glasses each. 20.00



We have delicious dessert cocktails that will top off your meal with a bit of sweetness. Treat yourself!

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Father’s Day Gifts

We have the best gift for the best Dad. Spice up the gift giving for your Dad with something he’ll really enjoy. All of the items below are available here at our online store as well as the restaurant. We can ship directly to your Dad and include a brief note from you. Or include … Continued

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